Feb. 27th, 2012

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If you hear random bursts of laughter from this direction...

I switched cell phone carriers about a month ago.

I got a email from the old one showing I had a negative balance of about my usual monthly charge from them. I remember being surprised that I would still have a balance when I paid last, but thought I did, I guess not.

So I call tonight and ask about them sending the extra payment back.

The first time I call I had entered my phone number when they asked and the voicemail system says it doesn't recognize it (well duh it's gone), then I got lost in the menus and gave up when I had an incoming call I wanted to take.

So I call back and wait out several rounds of it telling me to input my number or press # if I want to open a new account, and it routes me to a human.

Lady on the phone "Why would you want that?" when I ask about a refund. Why? Really? That is a really what she said. Although she did see and say that I had overpaid by $43 she seemed consistently confused that I would want it back. She put me on hold for a bit and eventually took my information which she says she'll submit. We'll see.

Then at the end of the call she says "Thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless"

um not any more.

I got some confused kitty stares at my laughter too.


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