Mar. 17th, 2010

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Ok didn't want to post this too soon. Wanted to give more people who were going to see it, the chance to do that first, but now --

Tim Burton is sooo not all that.

The movie has some pretty parts, but not enough. The 3-D seemed rather flat. The plot jars continually. The ending is deplorable.

The books were written for young children. The movie was made for people much much stupider than that. It was painful. There were 3 or 4 lines that were repeated to death through out. The sort of thing that turns up once in the book and then something more clever or interesting is said. Burton's March Hare does nothing but throw cups, again and again and again. WTF? The children of 140 years ago really were expected to be much more intelligent than the adults of today. It really makes me want to weep.

Wonderland(Underground) and Through the Looking Glass are two different places and they operate under different rules.

the two worlds as Carroll had them and Burton's mess )

Who is the Jabberwock? In the book when Alice first comes Through the Looking Glass there is a poem in a book. It is backwards and she has to hold it to the mirror to read it. It is entitled 'Jabberwocky'. In the movie, the Mad Hatter deliberately misquotes it to her (shudder, that's like nails on the chalkboard to someone who memorized the real thing decades ago) spoilers )

Speaking of grating Alice Kingsleigh? Really? Why? So they could make up any lame shit for the 'real world' part without being haunted by Alice Liddell's furious ghost? here be spoilerage of the 'real world' part )

I thought - well this movie is supposed to be about what happens when an older Alice returns - okay that does give him a fair license to tell a different story. Foolishly I was completely unprepared for how horribly the worlds were butchered even so. It seems like there are many possible stories that could have been told that would have carried the stories on and added intelligently to them. Even if they did insist on combining story elements. This is not that.

Did you like anything? This part's a spoiler ) The graphics early on when she's just gotten into the wilds of Wonderland and is walking among mushrooms and the bugs are flying around. The end credit graphics were very lovely.

yah, that's about it.

I hope the Runaways movie is more fun.


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