Sep. 2nd, 2009

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Yes indeed in Basque country nearly everyone who said anything to me spoke Spanish. There are a couple of old ladies in Zestoa I'm not sure about. I thought it sounded like Spanish, but was completely incomprehensible. The other old lady I talked to there was definitely speaking Spanish, but very oddly... at least 1/2 of each word seemed to be silent... and she was impatient that I had such a hard time understanding her. Eventually she gave up and started saying "A..." (the "dios" was mostly silent) and waving at me.

At the Ekainberri ticket office the woman spoke to me in Spanish but gave me the Euskara (Basque) version of the flyer with the map to the site. The tour of the site was in Spanish (with all syllables pronounced) and after that we joined a demonstration of prehistoric technology mostly for kids also in Spanish.

The toll takers on the highway said the price of the toll in Spanish. "Cinco cuarente nueve". The products in the supermarket and the pharmacy were labeled in Spanish.

I think I might have heard bits of people speaking Basque to each other, but as expected they basically all can speak Spanish and assume they'll need to with random strangers.

All the subway announcements and official signs are in both.

The Basque ethnology museum had an Orson Welles film from 1955 in English with Spanish (not Basque) subtitles. (Exhibits there and other museums are labelled in Euskara and Spanish).
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Which description of landmarks to walk past on the way to the site is more useful if you aren't Basque? Sorry I'm not trying to type the correct accents and ~ in spanish tonight. From the brochure telling you how to walk to Ekainberri from town.

[So does the Basque seem the least bit Celtic? I don't think so.]

Euskara (Basque)

Zubi Zaharra: Erdi Aroko zubi honek (XVI mendea) lotzen zuen garai batean Zestoa Gipuzkoako beste herrietara zihoazen errepideekin.

Lauiturri: iturri honek (XVIII mendea) urete luzetan ase izan du auzoen egarria

Castillian (Spanish)

Zubi Zaharra: Este puente medieval, del s.XVI, es parte de las antiguas vias de communicacion que connectaban Zestoa con el Resto del la provincia.

Lauiturri: La fuente contruida en el s.XVIII, ha atastecido de agua a los vecinos durante anos.

(my attempt at English if your Spanish is worse than mine... other wise ignore -- from the Basque my comprehension was just ??? ???? )

Zubi Zaharra: This medieval bridge from the 16th century is part of the ancient ways(roads) that connected Zestoa with the rest of the province (Gipuzkoa)

Lauiturri: The fountain built in the 18th century has (supplied?) water to the locals for many years.


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